New GTT Interns!

Making the best of a difficult situation

Clearly as the months pass we are facing a much more difficult situation that we first anticipated. We think this is even more reason to push forward and use responsible activism to make changes wherever we can for the positive benefit of the planet.

We have to cancel the plans for the summer camps and youth forums this year and many of the projects we work with have had to do the same. Volunteer projects are difficult to run with social distancing rules and consequently funding drops as donations fall and placements are not possible.

However, at GTT, we believe that resilience is the key to moving forward. Angela Duckworth says “Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.”

We are very happy that even in these challenging times we can continue to fulfill part of GTT’s objectives by giving young people the opportunity and platform to do the things they are passionate about and help them make the changes they wish to see in the world.

The good news is that there is so much we can do with an online presence, we will not lose site of the projects, they will start up again, in the meantime we can use our voices to show our resilience!

Meet Irène, from France, our Summer 2020 intern! Irène was part of the group that won the vote for the GTT Design competition in 2019, now at university, Irène has been an integral part of planning the activities for the (postponed) summer camps and youth forums.

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Meet Nic from California!

Nic got in touch with us and offered to help design some graphics that would help us create some educational posts for Instagram.

Nic says that being part of a group like GTT helps his generation to understand the causes and effects of climate change and to be able to make the changes necessary to make the future a better place to look forward to.

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