About GTT

Aims and Objectives

The Green Teen Team (GTT) was founded in 2014 by Princess Theodora von Liechtenstein who is not only the founder but an active participant in the running of the foundation’s projects. Theodora believes that we can all make changes in our lives to help save the planet’s biodiversity, even children.

The world’s environment is changing before our eyes and even in our short lifetimes. Only a hundred years ago people would not believe that the changes we see now would even happen. All kinds of harmful things have led to our planet reacting negatively, from changes in weather patterns and ocean currents to global warming.

These changes in the atmosphere affect the way the biosphere functions and the lives of many creatures and plants are threatened by such changes.Therefore the objective of GTT is to empower young people to be able to make changes to their lives, the lives of others and the life of the planet.

“It is a time for us to bond over the thing we have in common, nature”.

“The thing I liked the most was basically everything”.

“I love coming here to forget abut the city’s confusion and relax in the middle of nature”.

“I had lots of fun, met new people but most of all I learned information about different animals.”

“It was a really cool experience as it was the first time I went to a camp without my family.”


GTT’s aims and objectives go towards helping regenerate the planet’s biodiversity through engaging young people in conservation projects and educational workshops and summer camps across the globe.

GTT is building an active, global community of environmentally engaged teenagers and young people, in a bid to create positive change at grassroots level.

GTT creates educational programmes to connect local schools with local conservation organisations and help support their local projects and engage young people in conservation. The network built, will connect teenagers around the world so they can learn about different cultures and different efforts to conserve biodiversity.

GTT was officially registered as a UK charity in 2015 and an Italian ONLUS in 2017.

Our team

Theodora has always loved nature and thinks GTT is a great way to preserve the most important things for the future of the planet.
Ellie says having the opportunity to help young people to connect with nature, to understand its value, now and in the future, is a gift.
Nati beliefs that young people are a source of energy. She loves to work with them in projects to preserve biodiversity.
Pier Francesco spends many hours outdoors. That's where he gets the energy to support GTT conservation activities inspiration his life.
Cerian is a London-based educator. She enjoys working with young people internationally and to help to nurture responsible citizens of the future.
Italian born, Germano is a professional train driver living in London. He loves helping GTT when he can with summer camps.
Alex is a photographer & videographer based out of Bristol with a passion for wildlife. He loves helping GTT capture the great work that they do.
My passion for Green Team grows with every project as we find creative and innovative ways to raise awareness and save our beautiful planet.
Charlie is an inclusive education and theatre specialist and has worked on various projects with GTT since its inauguration.
The value of our TEAM is that we believe that small gestures can address large projects.