When I collect the plastic, it goes to the landfill

It is sad for me because I know I can't stop it...

“Hi, I’m Alija and I’m 13 years old. I’m a climate and environmental activist. I have long been involved in environmental protection. I collect plastic in my city and I am the founder of Fridays For Future Novipazar. I a co-operating with many organisations and the OSCE. I love animals, I will travel in Ocean Hero Camp 2020 and I am from Serbia.

My initiative: I want my country to introduce environmental education, to give us the facts. In my country, we have only one recycling system, we do not have a wastewater treatment center.

When I collect the plastic, it goes to the landfill, and I can’t stop it. It’s sad for me because I know I can’t stop it. The landfill is located near the tourist center. I’m trying to change politicians. My country, and all of Europe is in disaster. When the floods start, all the plastic goes into the lake. What I want to say is that we are responsible for our actions. We are responsible for the climate catastrophe. We have started all this.Many animals are disappearing in my country, hunters are killing endangered species. People are stealing flowers, benches from parks … I wish there was no plastic. The whole city is dirty. There is garbage all over us. We have to go and we have to stop all this. That’s why I started all this.
In our country there were species that only in Serbia existed, such as: Pancic’s spleen, Vranjski slez and the Moravian mule. The species that are no longer with us are: Small droplets, Black vulture, Bearded eagle. Rare species in Serbia are: hawk steppe, big cock, eagle cross, bats and sarees.

Isn’t it nicer when our street is clean? Let’s stop using plastic. Is it better to use a glass or plastic bottle?Believe in yourself. Teach your children to protect their environment from a young age. Teach your children to recycle and look better at life.Know that whatever you throw in the street or in the woods will kill an animal or end up in the sea by then.”
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