Saving local animals

“Hi I’m Daniella Victoria and I love nature. I’m using permission to use my mom’s email. I’m only ten but me and my family helps save animals like baby turtles, bunnies, and people too. When I saw your website, I wanted to help too. I want to tell a story. We saved a baby bunny up front our door step so we went to a pet shop to buy a cage, food and milk to keep it, but the next day the baby bunny’s mother came up front our window so we let go of the baby bunny to the mother. Would you like to hear how the baby mothers mom came? Well she knew the baby bunny was there.

We also saved a turtle on my sister’s baptism day, it almost got ran over by a car. So my project is to save the animals in the National Nicaragua zoo, because the people don’t have enough money to buy a good place to live or a good environment so the animals can live. We can help save them by getting enough money and a good environment.

I would like to publish my stories in America and where you live too and it could also say to donate money to the National Nicaragua zoo. If you can please donate to the National Nicaragua zoo so the animals don’t die. I could help too, I could donate money so you are not the only one and other people too.

Thank you for reading this message.”