Follow Your Dream!

100% dedication

Hello, my name is Francesca, I am 11 years old and I live in the province of Mantua.

My greatest passion is animals and nature and since 2015 I a member of the Green Teen Team.

I met the GTT at the Parco Natura Viva in Bussolengo (VR) during one of the many activities proposed by the Park. When I was asked to join, I accepted without hesitation and from that moment I was able to share these ideals with other guys.

In these years we have done many activities all based on the protection of biodiversity in nature.

In one of our meetings we went to clean the banks of the river Adige (Vr) to sensitize people about how dangerous it is to throw plastic and waste into a river, which then arrive in the sea and damage the marine ecosystem.

Every summer the GTT organizes the Summer Camp, a week in Italy and a week in England, where we sleep in tents and learn to live in close contact with nature; during these “holidays”, thanks to the contribution of experts in environmental protection and nature, we realize how important it is to protect and preserve our wonderful planet.

Personally I’m talking to my classmates about how important nature is; in the school that I attend we are doing a project on wolves and I made a presentation, in front of the class, with videos, photos and explanations of how a researcher works and how important it is to learn to live with this beautiful animal.

I have a dream: to become a biologist, to study and save nature and animals … FOLLOW YOUR DREAM …