Corrientes, Argentina

Rewilding Iberá!

“My name is Sophie Cook, and I have been announced as the Green Teen Team ambassador in Argentina.
In my opinion, GTT, is a foundation, that has been working on making young people aware of the environmental situation, so that in the future there may be a stronger knowledge and dedication directed towards nature and conservation in our society. There for I can say that GTT has the very important task which I am committed too, of making our world a better place. It gave me the chance to expand my interest on conservation and protection of wild life, and I hope it can also work out for every body else. I believe that GTT is working on one of the most important steps towards restoration which is the development of global importance and interest.”

“Over the last two years my contribution to conservation and preservation of wildlife has been through sustainable tourism. Devolving small lodges around the Iberá Wetlands has encouraged people to learn about rewilding and environmental education.

As a family, we started a travel agency called Iberá Explorer. Our goal is to encourage social responsible truism. Such as getting local families started with their own enterprises. eg: horseback rides in their local town; exploration tours using their dug-out canoes into the depth of the wetlands, all guided and hosted by local families.”

Visit the Iberá Explorer website!