Live an imperfect plastic free life

14 year old aspiring Filmmaker

My name is Austin Simpson and I am a 14 year old aspiring Filmmaker. This documentary all started at school. One day our school announced that we would be having full year project, and we got to decide what the project was on and how we wanted to present it. Right away I knew I was going to make a documentary and I was going to make it on a meaningful topic.
I have always been aware of the destruction of our ocean at a young age. The ocean and beaches are my most favorite places in the world, I’m always out in the water hours and hours on end surfing and appreciating how beautiful, but powerful, the ocean is. I always look around and think about what life would be like without an ocean and I noticed the ocean has taught me so much and without it I would have never known so many amazing things.
If we don’t start fighting now this could mean the end of a once thriving ocean. There is only one thing I ask, live an imperfect plastic free life, while influencing others to do the same. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly, not a handful of people doing it perfectly.