Alyssa’s Bees


My name is Alyssa Perez and I am an intersectional climate justice activist. I have always had a strong passion for environmental protection; however, it was not until a couple summers ago that I realized the many intricicies associated with climate justice. As I have grown, I began to realize the interconnectivity of social justice within the climate justice field.
My love for the environment first started with my passion for bee conservation. I have spent much of my high school career spreading awareness about the declining honeybee populations by attaining a grant to place a honeybee hive at my school, founding a club dedicated to the intersectionality of climate activism (Bee Their Voice), and inspiring my peers to join the fight for a just and sustainable future.
In June 2018, I started an Instagram page (@alyssasbees) with the intention of channeling my views on a broad platform. Since 2018, I have grown a lot and that is evident through the progression of my posts. I enjoy seeing my Instagram feed flood with users who share a passion for sustainability and justice with me!
I believe that collectivism can help slow the impacts of climate change. I am so inspired by youth movements such as Green Teen Team for connecting individuals from all across the globe. I love being an ambassador for this amazing team and so excited to see what the future brings us!


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