Purple Community Fund



The Purple Community Fund (PCF) is a UK registered charity in 2002 and was set up to provide managerial and financial support for our sister charity called Upskills+ Foundation Inc (UFI) in the Philippines. PCF works with children and families living and working on rubbish sites, providing access to education nutrition, health, and livelihood opportunities.

The amazing children they work with want to earn a decent income to leave the slums and support their families, they have placed all their hope for a better life through their dreams in completing their education. PCF wants to do everything they can to make that possible for them.

The Future is Purple

PCF passionately believes in providing sustainable opportunities so that our beneficiaries can help themselves and their families out of poverty through the acquisition of new skills, education, training and our holistic programmes. PCF strives to make a difference to those who are in the direst of circumstances.

PCF Values


PCF believes everyone deserves a chance to thrive and prosper. PCF listens when people tell them what support they need.


PCF believes in second chances and people’s ability to unlock their potential at any stage of life.


Every member of the PCF team is dedicated and committed to gaining the best possible outcomes for their beneficiaries as well as their sponsors and stakeholders.


PCF believes honesty, integrity and trustworthiness are the key to running a charitable organisation effectively.


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PCF believes that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and being part of the school system provides their students not only with knowledge and a support group, but most of all hope for the future.

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