GTT x PAL Teen to Teen Bracelet


We are proud to present the launch of the GTT x PAL teen-to-teen bracelet!!

GTT is collaborating with PAL to help Protect African Lions.

Here are our GTT PAL ambassadors to say why…


The green bracelet features a button specially designed by PAL founder and artist Conor McCreedy in collaboration with artisan Lianne Landman.

Each bracelet comes with one of four personal quotes, written by GTT members and we will sell exclusively to teenagers around the world.

Your support and donation of $21 (US) for each bracelet will help us protect the status of African lions (Panthera leo) in a number of ways.

First, we will be able to help protect female lions from poachers so ensure they are able to breed freely.

Second, we will strengthen community outreach projects and work with local schools in areas where African lions live, so that local people understand and respect the value of the African lion. In turn, this will add value to the landscape and other wild species living in these areas which builds the ecosystems and helps preserve biodiversity.

This in turn will help raise the status of the African lion and push towards the banning of African lion exports and change the CITES protection.


Finally, this effort will join many other African lion preservation campaigns and truly raise the plight of the African lion to a place where we can see numbers of African lions in the wild increasing instead of decreasing.

So, now you know how you can help from the comfort of your home!

Join us and thousands of other teens around the world to raise the protection of African lions now!

Donate to receive your bracelet HERE!!! and help us help the last remaining lions in the wild! 🦁 🦁