Fondazione Cetacea

Fondazione Cetacea and Numana Città delle Tartarughe

The collaboration between the Green Teen Team Foundation, Fondazione Cetacea and the Città delle Tartarughe in Numana completes the three types of chelonians we work with, land, fresh water and sea! The project effectively works with the communes of Numana and Bussolengo to engage school children in the importance of biodiversity in the classroom and in the field. On Saturday 5th September 2015, Drago, a rehabilitated Loggerhead turtle, was released back to the Adriatic sea with a GTTF sponsored GPS tracker!

The “Numana City of the Turtles” project was born thanks to the ten years of collaboration between Numana district and the Cetacea Foundation of Riccione.

Few people know that the medium to high part of the Adriatic sea is very rich with turtles of the Loggerhead family. One of the most popular question among the tourists visiting the Rescue Centre is “where do you get them?”

The aim of the project is to inform the users of the coast about the treasures of the Adriatic sea and particularly of the permanent presence (and not random) of the Loggerhead turtles in the Conero bay.

The best moment of the project is the release of the recovered turtles in the sea: those are the so called liberations made from the rehabilitation area named “the bay”.

It is well known that lately the good environmental protection practice has become an added value: tourism, in fact, is no more seen only as the staying in a place where you can relax, have fun and enjoy the services but as the research of new strong experiences.