Edge Pledge

Find three challenges that will put you on the edge

What is Edge Pledge?

Edge Pledge allows people to raise money for endangered wildlife by pledging to complete the most popular of three challenges, as voted by their friends, family and supporters. Funds raised support practical projects assisting wildlife on the brink of extinction, delivered by our environmental partners.

Here are some of the species Edge Pledge has raised money for so far!

Some thoughts about Edge Pledge and Green Teen Team working together from Sam …”We started Edge Pledge to make it fun to help end extinction of our wildlife. We are stoked to be partying with Green Teen Team who are all about having fun in nature and acting the next generation of wildlife entrepreneurs. Our team are especially pumped to be helping wildlife all over the world with our mates at Green Teen Team.”

We would like to try and help them raise money for more species around the world. Pick your challenges at www.edgepledge.com