Children in the Wilderness

The GTT project started with the donation of a number of goats to the Himba people. The goats are valuable to enable a more sustainable existence. The goats can have one kid twice a year and the tribe can benefit from the milk, meat, goat skin to wear as well as to sleep on. The goats survive better than sheep or cattle in the north-western Namibia. They can also easily convert the goats into money to buy food.
Then in 2022, GTT was asked to support the building of the Otjinungua Clinic in the village of Otjiningua village in the remote Marienfluss Conservancy area, along the Kunene River, Namibia. The village is about 325 km from Opuwo, the nearest town and when people are sick they have to be taken by cars from the conservation teams to the hospital.
The project had been set up and funded by organisations and stakeholders, but due to the closure of some small companies (Covid-19 related) there was a deficit in the budget which GTT was able to fill.
The clinic now offers: vaccinations for children, wound care, help with childbirth, basic government medication for rural health centres including intravenous fluids and contraception for the community, and acts as point of entry for all ill-health related conditions. The clinic also runs awareness programmes on hygiene, health and nutrition for the school children.