A teenagers guide to saving the world!

What a great experience recording this podcast with Lilly! We hope you enjoy listening to it and send our thanks to Brian!

Imagine a future where single-use plastics only exist in historical museums, as relics that remind us of society’s past mistakes. This is more than just Lilly’s dream, it’s her goal to achieve this. On today’s episode of Shaped By The Sea, host Brian Yurasits learns from two inspiring students, Lilly Platt and H.S.H Princess Theodora von Liechtenstein, what it takes to protect biodiversity and clean the ocean. Both Lilly and Theodora have captivating stories to tell about their journeys in founding Lilly’s Plastic Pickup, and Green Teen Team, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Plus, we explore whether or not students should skip school to protest climate change, why you should never listen to bullies, and how students who care about environmental issues can act locally to help.

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