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Bjarke Ingels, 46, is a renowned Danish architect and founder of the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). BIG is an architectural firm recognised for its ‘head-turning’ innovations such as the ‘Copenhill,’ a waste-to-power plant that also doubles as a ski field situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ingles’ most recent endeavour was the creation of his ‘Masterplanet,’ a document in which he addresses one of the gravest issues faced by humanity: climate change. Within his ‘Masterplanet’ he outlines possible solutions for renewable energy production, sustainable agriculture, and industry. Ingels believes that the only way in which the damage on our planet can be reversed is through global collaboration, something which he believes has been highlighted in the events during the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst the ‘Masterplanet’ might not be the sole solution to saving the Planet, Ingels believes it to be a first step towards dealing with the climate crisis, and hopes that politicians or CEO’s might use his plan as a starting point to address the global climate crisis.⁠
[Image Courtesy of Rasmus Hjortshoj via the NYT]⁠

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