September update!

We are still here!


We hope that as you are reading this, all is well with you!

We have navigated a difficult time in Italy and in the UK this year, our projects and collaborations have suffered from the lockdowns, quarantines and social distancing. Our partners and collaborators have told us about the decline in contributions and donations as their supporters attentions have been diverted by the global problems.

As you know we cancelled our summer plans this year and we find it difficult to predict where we will be next year. However we will be continuing in any way we can. Our members have made great efforts with online presence, our ambassadors have worked with us to make Instagram posts and to plan for future summer camps, we are working on campaigns to help with awareness of recycling regarding the new problem of masks (why you need to cut the strings of your mask before you throw it away) as well as considering why we should worry about space waste as well as planet waste.

As always we will keep you posted and invite you to contact us if you have any ideas or news to share!