An alphabet of special skills!!

Don't Waste your time!!

While being at home, we are not wasting our time, many of us have online school which takes up most of the day but not all are so lucky to have the facilities. People are starting to share ideas on social media on how to occupy free time whilst on lock down. We have decided to set up a little ‘greenteenquaranteen’ challenge.

We would like to ask for your help with this! We have made a special mailing list of all our friends and family (which is why this is not a regular newsletter) to ask you to make a short video that will teach someone a new skill or pastime. We know all our friends are super talented in one way or another and we think if everyone made a video we would help entertain a lot of people during this difficult time.

Everyone has a special skill! Please share yours with us so we can share with other people. This is a completely safe way to help and keep occupied. Here is an A – Z of some ideas we would love to see on film!

A for Art and Animation,
B for Braiding, Beat boxing, Beauty tutorials,
C for Cooking and Cleaning,
D for Dance and Decorating,
E for Egg blowing and Exercise and Eco Snacks,
F for Film-making and Floristry,
G for Gardening and Greening,
H for Hip Hop and Harmony,
I for Illustration and #IStayAtHome,
J is for Jewellery and Jam making,
K is for Knitting and Kindness and Keepie Uppie,
L is for Literature and Love,
M is for Music and Meditation,
N is for Needlework and Noise,
O is for Origami and Orange Juicing,
P is for Painting and Papier-mâché, Paper-cutting
as well as Podcasting, Photography, Poetry and Pet Care!
Q is for Quilling (look it up!),
R is for Reading and Rolling Around in Bed,
S is for Sketching, Sleeping, Sewing, Singing, Scrapbooking and Storytelling,
T is for Tapdancing and Tickling,
U is for Up-cycling and U Turns,
V is for Videogamimg and Vlogging,
W is for Writing and Weaving and Whining and maybe even some Wine,
X is for Xylopyrography,

Y is for Yoga and Yodelling,
Z is for Zithering (another one for Google!)


Please join in and help us, you can send your videos
to [email protected]
or to @greenteenteam on Instagram.