Solving the environment is everyone’s problem

Poll indicates GTT members are very rare!

The latest Ipsos MORI Omnibus survey reveals that first-hand experience of environmental change brings the issue of climate change into sharp focus.

In the GTT office, we are surprised that only 1% of the survey suggested we are all responsible! While we keep blaming other people and giving the responsibility to solve to others, we will find change is very slow.

“Despite these levels of of concern’, says the report published on 7 February 2020, ‘only a third (33%) of Britons have changed the way they shop in favour of more environmentally friendly products. Those with children are significantly more likely to have made these changes than those without (40% compared to 30% respectively). Similarly, those who have achieved a higher level of education are more likely to have altered their behaviour’.

Interestingly the percentages of young people between the ages or 15-24 involved in environmental charities and groups is only 6%. Bearing in mind the poll was only made on a small selection of people, it could indicate that GTT members are very rare!

Read more and download the report here