GTT x PAL African lion tagging project


 Here is a post from our Instagram which shows what GTT and PAL are doing with the funds raised from the bracelet donations. The project is a great example of in-situ conservation efforts in a remote coutada in Mozambique. A coutada is a conservation area that is graded less than a national park so it does not receive any government funding.

Many of these areas have been destroyed by slash and burn agriculture and illegal poaching. Rebuilding and repopulating the areas takes time and dedication as well as funding but is essential for the preservation of species and habitats, in particular the African lion. More work such as community development and support of education and health facilities goes towards the support of the conservation efforts in the area, hopefully facilitating the co-existence of humans and lions.


“DAY 1: Today we started the tracking process. Joao Almeida (the Portuguese born Vet), “Thomo” (the conservationist who specializes in game capture), Holly Rosier (Head biologist in Coutada 9) and James Murphy (PAL COO), started tracking a female lion with two 7 week old cubs. They put out the caller (a device used to lure animals – look at the next video), but unfortunately due to the fact that it is 46 degrees celsius, most of the lions are laying down in the shade. However this afternoon the team are heading to de-collar a lion that was previously collared as well as save an elephant stuck in a gin trap. The team will also be setting up bait, not only to lure lions, but also for their protection, as the bait will act as an anchor to stop the lions from running into the bush. With plenty of lion spoor around, our chances of finding them are quite high! Pictured here is the dart gun with our limited edition PAL x GTT bracelet! stay tuned…”

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