Try Thrift+ raise for GTT!!

One of the ways GTT raises funds is through donations and we signed up with Thrift+ in the summer. Thrift+ are working to help people to turn their unwanted belongings into pounds of funding for worthwhile causes all over the world.

Very simply, they will sell your unwanted, or unneeded, clothes and shoes. The profit of the second hand sales are split three ways, part to Thrift+, part to you and part to the chosen charity.

We would love more people to be involved in the circle economy and of course nominate GTT as their chosen charity!


We think it is awesome that global luxury platform Farfetch have taken the initiative to collaborate with Thrift+ and give more opportunity to people to recycle their unwanted clothes and raise money charity at the same time, as well as receiving credit to spend at Farfetch!

Here is what Farfetch say about their collaboration….

“We’re on a mission to become the global platform for good in luxury fashion – empowering everyone to think, act and choose positively. Services like Thrift+ x Farfetch enable our customers to give clothes another useful life and help charities at the same time. It’s all part of what we call Positively Farfetch.”



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