GTT Summer Camp UK

Off grid camping!!

During the summer camp we learned that water is incredibly valuable, in fact possibly more valuable than diamonds according to the girls. We also learned that only biodegradable cosmetics were to be used in the showers as the water runs straight back into the natural supply. This was not a problem as Wild Boar Wood had a supply of biodegradable soaps. We also learned from Kelly how to make our own sustainable and medicinal cream from 100% natural ingredients in one of the Forest School activities.


There was a big surprise GTT Camp Masterchef competition on the last day of the camp this year, here is Sofie cooking up a special dish on the fire. Everyone in each tent worked with 100% maximum effort to create dishes from the same ingredients. With points being awarded for using all the ingredients or leaving them whole for others to use, health and safety, presentation, taste and overall hospitality, it was a difficult decision to choose one winner in the end!!

Thank you very much to Joe and Toni from Joe’s Bows who came to show and tell us about their owls, falcons and vultures. We were all very happy to take part in flying the birds in the forest and on the fields.
It is important for small organisations such as Joe’s Bows to help us understand how we can help the conservation of these birds of prey at home and abroad and it is not often we are able to come so close to such magnificent creatures.
You can read more about Joe’s Bows¬†here ….