December 19, 2018
Fundraising for EAZA Silent Forest Campaign

We are very happy to say that the Christmas fundraising treasure hunt we had in collaboration with Parco Natura Viva raised 1,000€ towards our 2,000€ target for the campaign. We will add to this by donating 50% of all donations made through the website this December, unless specified for other projects! Read more at the […]

October 30, 2018
Theodora presents GTT to WAZA in Bangkok

Theodora became the youngest person to address the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) at the 2018 conference in Bangkok. Theodora presented GTT to the zoo directors and guests and invited them to become part of the future Green Teens.            

October 10, 2018
Theodora speaks at the National Conference for Research in Parks!

Theodora presented Green Teen Team at the National Conference for Research in Parks at Parco Natura Viva, in Bussolengo on the 6th October 2018.    

September 20, 2018
GTT Design Competition 2018

Here are the details for the entry to the 2018 Design Competition!! Click below to download the form… GTT Design 2018

July 25, 2018
GTT Summer Camp UK

During the summer camp we learned that water is incredibly valuable, in fact possibly more valuable than diamonds according to the girls. We also learned that only biodegradable cosmetics were to be used in the showers as the water runs straight back into the natural supply. This was not a problem as Wild Boar Wood […]

June 30, 2018

GTT is proud to tell you about a new collaboration with the Painted Dog Conservation in Zimbabwe. You’d be forgiven for confusing these mottled, big-eared animals for hyenas—but they’re distinctly different creatures. While hyenas are more closely related to cats, painted dogs share a distant common ancestor with jackals, wolves, coyotes, and, as their name […]

May 12, 2018
GTT News

    If you shop with Amazon UK, you can now donate 0.5% of the net purchase price of your acquisitions to GTT. Just visit and search for GTT and choose us to receive the benefit from your shopping.