February 10, 2020
Solving the environment is everyone’s problem

The latest Ipsos MORI Omnibus survey reveals that first-hand experience of environmental change brings the issue of climate change into sharp focus. In the GTT office, we are surprised that only 1% of the survey suggested we are all responsible! While we keep blaming other people and giving the responsibility to solve to others, we […]

January 27, 2020
UK citizens’ climate assembly to meet for first time

Randomly selected 110-strong panel will try to come up with a plan to tackle global heating, reports The Guardian newspaper ‘The assembly was selected to be a representative sample of the population after a mailout to 30,000 people chosen at random. About 2,000 people responded saying they wanted to be considered for the assembly, and […]

January 1, 2020
New Year! 💚

Love 💚 Luck 🍀 and Light 🌞 for 2💚2💚! We have all had our fair share of highs and lows in 2019 🍀🍀🍀 whilst we look forward to the new year with positivity we know there will be more challenges to come 🎁🎁🎁 We are grateful for the opportunities that success and failure provide us […]

November 13, 2019
Philippines: The teenager diving for plastic

Ranniel dives into one of Manila’s most polluted rivers for less than two dollars a day. Thirteen-year-old Ranniel quit school to support his family. He now risks his life, diving into polluted waters to retrieve plastic waste, the result of a pay-as-you-go, single-use plastic culture that is devastating the environment.     It’s estimated that […]

November 1, 2019
End the Great Betrayal

Following our work with PAL and our launch of the GTT x PAL bracelet, here is a sad but informative film from the Born Free Foundation, illustrating the difficulties that African lions have when they are bred for petting and then released for canned hunting. It is so sad that the lion cubs are used […]

October 30, 2019
GTT x PAL African lion tagging project

 Here is a post from our Instagram which shows what GTT and PAL are doing with the funds raised from the bracelet donations. The project is a great example of in-situ conservation efforts in a remote coutada in Mozambique. A coutada is a conservation area that is graded less than a national park so it […]

October 15, 2019
National Conference of Research in Parks at Parco Natura Viva

On the 5th of October 2019, I spoke at the annual National Conference of Research in Parks at Parco Natura Viva. The conference is an amazing opportunity to learn about animal behaviour, cognition, sociality and environmental enrichment. I used my speech to suggest that modern scientific zoos have an answer to the calls of young people […]

October 5, 2019
Try Thrift+ raise for GTT!!

One of the ways GTT raises funds is through donations and we signed up with Thrift+ in the summer. Thrift+ are working to help people to turn their unwanted belongings into pounds of funding for worthwhile causes all over the world. Very simply, they will sell your unwanted, or unneeded, clothes and shoes. The profit […]

September 22, 2019
World Cleanup Day 2019

We joined The Ship of Tolerance London, for World Cleanup Day 2019 on Saturday 21st September. Mother Nature gave us the most beautiful weather and we followed the trail from Bernie Gardens to the Tate Modern where The Ship of Tolerance was docked. To be fair, the centre of London was very clean! The Thames […]