May 22, 2020

The theme of the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) on 22 May 2020 is “Our solutions are in nature” As the global community is called to re-examine its relationship to the natural world, one thing is certain: despite all our technological advances we are completely dependent on healthy and vibrant ecosystems for our health, […]

May 20, 2020
GTT 6th Anniversary

As the world is slowly starting to recover from Covid-19, at GTTHQ we are taking a quiet retrospective over the last six years of ups and downs, smiles and tears and a lot of gratitude! Thank you to all our members and friends, families and supporters who have been part of the journey so far…. […]

May 11, 2020

Here at GTT HQ, in times of news (and fake news) overload, we are loving The Conversation! There is even a Curious Kids  section of The Conversation where you can find the kind of questions that are normally difficult to find answers to!   The Conversation is an independent source of news and views, sourced […]

May 4, 2020
Meet our new GTT Ambassador!!

Hello! I’m Reina, a teenager who cares about the environment. What I do to make a change is very small, but basic. One example is that I think very carefully when I throw things away. “Can I not use it anymore?” Read more here!

April 21, 2020

@hkplasticwaste We are 3 Form 3 students from Creative Secondary School raising awareness on the plastic waste situation in Hong Kong. We are posting facts and ways to improve the current situation even during this pandemic. It’s not too late to start taking action now! For our community project, we have decided to raise awareness […]

March 30, 2020
Wash Your Hands While Singing This….

We love Wash Your Lyrics!! Wash Your Lyrics Generate hand washing infographics based on your favourite song lyrics 🎶 Made by William (@neoncloth) The Wash Your Lyrics website wouldn’t be possible without Twinhelix and these organisations. Not affiliated with the National Health Service (NHS), cleanyourhands® campaign or any government body. Stay safe and wash your […]

March 27, 2020
An alphabet of special skills!!

While being at home, we are not wasting our time, many of us have online school which takes up most of the day but not all are so lucky to have the facilities. People are starting to share ideas on social media on how to occupy free time whilst on lock down. We have decided […]

March 18, 2020
GTT in the Time of the Coronavirus

Here at GTT HQ we are worried for the health and safety of all our friends and family. We encourage everyone to do the same to help ‘flatten the curves’ all over the world. Take care of your hygiene and stay clean and well! Please check in on neighbours who may be alone, by telephone! […]

March 3, 2020
United Nations World Wildlife Day 3 March 2020

The United Nations World Wildlife Day is a global celebration of the beautiful and richly diverse forms of wild animals and plants on our planet. It is also an occasion to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits they provide to people and to drive discussions and work towards transformative change on the urgent threats […]